OpenBSD tutorial

1. Pencet tombol i -> Enter

(I)nstall, (U)pgrade, (S)hell? i

2. Langsung Enter

Keyboard Layout [default]

3. ketik ‘router’ dan Enter

System hostname? router

4. done -> Enter

Network Interface Configuration

5. netvermore.lab.kom

DNS domain name?


DNS nameservers?

7. Enter

Do you want to do any manual network configuration?[no]

8. root

Password for root account?(will no echo)

9. (again)

10.Start sshd(8) by default?[yes] -> Enter

11.Start ntpd(8) by default?[no] -> Enter X Window System? [yes] no -> Enter

13.Change the default console to com0?[no] -> Enter

14.Setup a user? admin -> Enter

15. Fullname? administrator

16. Password for admin account? admin

17. (again)

18. disable sshd(8) logins to root? [yes] -> enter

19. Which one is the root disk? [wd0] -> ENter

20.Use (W)hole disk or (E)dit the MBR?[whole] -> Enter

21.Use (A)uto layout, (E)dit auto layout, or create (C)ustom layout?[a] c -> Enter


a – Create partition

d – Delete Partition

p – Print Partition

Label :

a – /

b – swap

c – available space

d-z – other partition

Example :

> a a

offset : [4195296]

size   : [32907040]

FS type : [4.2BSD]

mount point : [none] /

> a b

offset : [4195296]

size   : [32907040]2g

FS type : [swap]

23. ‘q’

24 Write new label?: [y] -> Enter

Please wait…..

25.Location of sets? [CD] -> Enter

26.Which one contain the install media? [cd0] -> Enter

27.Pathname to the sets? [4.9/i386] ->  Enter

28.[  ]

Gunakan jika processor anda lebih dari satu (mp = multiprocessor)

Untuk mengurangi paket gunakan ‘-‘

misal :


Untuk menambah gunakan ‘+’

Set name(s)? [done] -> Enter

29.Location of sets?[done] -> Enter

30.What timezone are you in? Asia/Jakarta



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